January 17, 2018


Paul Brydges - President
Warren Patterson - 1st Vice President
David Wright CLP - 2nd Vice President
Lindsay Drake Nightingale - Treasurer
Dave Braun - Past President

Chapter Representatives:

Chris Muller - Durham Chapter
Margot Byers - Georgian Lakelands Chapter
Tim Cruickshanks - Golden Horseshoe Chapter
Michael Pascoe CLT - London Chapter
Tyler Owen/Ed Hansen - Ottawa Chapter
Jon Durzi - Toronto Chapter
Terry Childs - Upper Canada Chapter
Jason Dietrich - Waterloo Chapter
Donald Tellier CLT - Windsor Chapter

Sector Representatives:

Michael Van Dongen - Garden Centres
Brian Marsh - Grounds Management 
Gerwin Bouman - Growers
Steve Macartney CIT - Irrigation
Stephen Schell CLT - Interiorscape
Peter Guinane - Landscape Contractors
Chris Clayton - Landscape Design
Alan White - Lawn Care
Jamie Riddell - Lighting
Mark Humphries - Snow and Ice rep

Members at Large:

Blake Tubby
Tim Kraemer
LO tree
Provincial and chapter boards are made up of dedicated volunteers who are elected into their various positions. Contact any of them to learn more about how rewarding the experience can be.