February 8, 2021
Landscape Ontario's popular Professional Development Seminar Series has gone digital. The annual off-season training and skills upgrading program currently has about 40 one-hour seminars scheduled, with more titles being added.

Those who register for the online learning seminars will still get access to the same amazing line up of well-known and knowledgeable instructions, plus most class sizes are limited to 30 participants.

The early morning, online seminars are typically one-hour in length, with most starting at either 10 a.m. or 1 p.m.

Pricing for the online training sessions is typically $25 for a Landscape Ontario member and $45 for a non-member.

Upcoming titles include:
  • Team Leader Training: Feb. 16, 23 and March 2
  • Arboretum/Shrub care, Feb. 18
  • Company Culture — The Key to Employee Loyalty, Feb. 18
  • Annual, Perennials, Natives and Tropicals for Creative Container Applications, Feb. 19
  • Lighting 101: Basic Design Techniques, Feb. 23
  • Landscape Designer's Studio-Principles, Feb. 24, Mar. 15 and Mar. 26
  • Unwanted Weeds, Mar. 2
  • Chainsaw Maintenance, Mar. 12
  • Tree and Shrub ID, Mar. 16
  • Lighting Installation, Mar. 17
  • Landscape Maintenance, Mar. 18
  • Landscape Design, Mar. 19
  • Turfgrass Care, April 1
  • Vegetable Planting

For full seminar details and to register, visit HortTrades.com/professional-development-online.