April 5, 2018

Lionhead Golf and Conference Centre was home to the LO Lecture Series on Feb. 22. The day began with the Grounds Management Lecture, providing participants with information on a range of important industry topics. The event included educational sessions led by green industry professionals, punctuated by networking opportunities during breaks and lunch.

Brad Paton, owner of Shades of Summer Landscaping in the Hamilton Ont.-area, chaired the Grounds Management portion of the day. With a strong line up of guest speakers, the event was well attended. The program began with Bob Reeves, Root Rescue Environmental Products, who provided a practical guide to understanding the dynamics and importance of plant/microbe interactions in soil, described by an attendee as “wonderful and informative and thorough, balanced and visionary.”

Nutrite-sponsored speaker, Rich Hawkes, Sustane Natural Fertilizer, followed with his presentation on Improving Soils through Organics.

To conclude the Grounds Management lecture, Rodger Tschanz, University of Guelph Trial Garden Manager, reported on highlights from Ontario’s 2017 trial garden season. For the second part of this session, Paul Zammit shared his passion for container gardening. His lively discussion included choice top performing plants and combinations for container gardens.

The Grounds Management event was generously supported by WPE Landscape Equipment, Eloquip, and Greenius.

The Contractors Group hosted a great pair of industry veterans at this year’s event. Each year, the lecture provides interesting lessons and tips from fellow contractors and architects, with no two presenters alike. This year was an interesting journey through the life and experiences of Chris Mace from Gelderman Landscape Services. His unique path has provided a perspective and skill that has served him well.

Mark Hartley provided insight into his early work as a young landscape architect and how he developed into an international success, highlighting his skill to solve problems for clients, always with consideration for how the contractor will need to build it.

The Contractors Event was made possible through generous support from sponsors: Beaver Valley Stone, Eloquip, LMN, Sheridan Nurseries, Gro-Bark, Greenius, York Region Equipment Centre, and Unilock.