December 15, 2010
David Gaze had a lot to celebrate on Sept. 24, when the official opening ceremonies took place at The Garden of Hope at Salvation Army Lighthouse Shelter for the Homeless in Oakville.

In 2009, David Gaze Landscaping took on a major project to create a garden retreat on a barren plot of land at the Shelter.

The Halton Lighthouse Shelter is a homeless shelter serving Oakville, Burlington and Milton. There are 25 beds; 15 for males and 10 for females.

In conjunction with The Oakville Milton Real Estate Board, that raised funds to help pay for materials, David Gaze and his company donated his time and provided the labour to construct the garden.
“I encouraged my husband to take on this little endeavour. However, we did not know just how much of a challenge it would be,” said David Gaze’s wife Denise. “We learned first-hand how quickly our own circumstances in life can change, when business rapidly dropped. Suppliers that we hoped could help with the project were also suffering, so it was difficult to give. Without a lot of outside help, at times we felt like throwing in the proverbial towel.”

 But they didn’t throw in the towel, and with determination an extraordinary garden was created for the shelter. Ceremonies to mark the official opening took place on Sept 24. In those ceremonies, it was noted a number of times that the garden will encourage and inspire the people who pass through the doors of the shelter, having some tough situations to deal within their lives.

Denise Gaze relates how her husband, after in a long work week, used Saturdays and holiday weekends to complete the garden. “Many times he was on his own,” she said. “I am proud of what my husband did, and the heart and soul he put into it, even during difficult times.”