September 15, 2013
The kids are back to school (phew!) and you have wrapped up last season’s unfinished projects, while diving into a few smaller ones. Until Oct. 1 at 4 p.m. landscape contractors, designers, grounds maintenance, irrigation and interior plantscape contractors may enter into the 41st Awards of Excellence program.

The Construction, Maintenance and Design program offers 41 categories for entry. If you missed the brochure in the August edition, lists them all.

Did you know that most landscape photography experts say that an overcast day is prime for taking vivid landscape shots? A bright sunny day does not capture the hues and deeper shades in a landscape, often resulting in a washed-out looking photo. Also recommended is keeping shadows in mind. They detract from your picture. And, remember to take more shots than you need — that way you have more to choose from. Before shots really help to sell your work. Taking great photographs that showcase the true depths of your landscape takes time and practice. Photographs from projects that have won in the past are available for viewing at

This industry is thriving with resourceful, innovative and creative professionals; the awards allow us to showcase your accomplishments and artistry. It’s important to recognize projects that stand out in quality, workmanship and design, but also as examples to promote our industry’s high level of skill and professionalism to the public.  

“Award-winning projects showcase outstanding design sophistication and horticultural knowledge, says Denis Flanagan, Landscape Ontario’s director of membership and public relations. “Our members continually reach new levels of craftsmanship and the winners consistently raise the bar for the rest of the industry.”

So while you’re out working this month and wonder if anyone will notice the extra hours you put into the driveway or the perennial border, if you submit your project to LO’s Awards of Excellence program, the judges will.

For more information on the Landscape Ontario Awards of Excellence programs please contact Kristen at, 416-848-4144, or visit