October 15, 2010
The new legacy campaign, to help continue the Ontario Horticultural Trades Foundation’s (OHTF) good works, has received $145,000 in pledges.

LO members, who have benefited so much from this industry, can give back to it through a special donation in their will. The program was introduced at this year’s Growers’ Auction by Brian Cocks CHT, who pledged $100,000 from his estate toward the OHTF.

The Foundation has contributed thousands of dollars over the years to research programs. Since 1998, the Foundation has given $425,000 toward research projects to benefit the green industry and $226,000 toward scholarships.  

“This shows the real value gained by any money raised by the Foundation,” says Cocks. “It truly is the best way to give back to the industry from which we have received so much benefit.”

Forms are available at the LO home office, or by contacting Brian Cocks, at 905-643-1978, or e-mail brian@briancocks.com. You may also contact John Wright, chair of the Foundation, at 519-581-2942, or john@wright.on.ca.