July 15, 2010
Editor’s note: The author of this letter to Prosperity Partners program manager, Jacki Hart has requested that it appear in Horticulture Review as a Letter to the Editor.

Good morning Jacki,

With delight, I read your column (Prosperity Partners) in the June 15, 2010 issue of Horticulture Review. I found it to be truly professional and contributing.

While discussing our company’s tax bill recently, my son and I came to the conclusion that we must all become more vocal and involved in the huge wastes in our governments; whether at the municipal, provincial or federal level. Negative work ethics can certainly result in one such waste. The article is not about bashing government employees, but rather how to balance work and personal life, and deriving a benefit from both.

Thanks for reminding me to reflect on if I would work for me. I am going forward with a different attitude. Love your article, and thanks for your leadership.

Cor Vanderkruk
Connon Nurseries, C.B. Vanderkruk Holdings