June 15, 2019
Thank you LO magazine, for your generous report on the progress of the Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign.

As a volunteer driven endeavour, we would never have gotten “off the ground” (pun intended) if it were not for the Landscape Ontario board, members and the support of our Executive Director, Tony DiGiovanni.

We are now 75 per cent of the way to success with our fund raising, with much more work to do.

Currently we are working hard to find:
  • Available land along the highway for tree planting. Do you know anyone who would like subsidised trees planted?
  • In-kind donations of labour, trees, supplies (mulch, soil, tree collars, etc.) and equipment.
  • Cash. We still have 25 per cent of our campaign to go before we reach our financial goal of $10 million.
For details or a conversation about how you can help us further, please contact Operations Manager, David Turnbull at 1-844-277-HERO (ext. 4376) or david@hohtribute.ca
and/or visit our website at HOHtribute.ca.

It is worth repeating: this project would not have started without Landscape Ontario member support. Sincere thanks to all.

Mark Cullen
Chair, HoH Tree Campaign