June 15, 2020
Hi Tony,

Thank you very much to you and the LO COVID-19 Task Force. As an owner of a small garden maintenance business, your guidance was absolutely essential for me during the time that we were not permitted to work. It was a confusing and unstable period, but having an organization like Landscape Ontario advocating for us as an industry and reaching out to its members with the weekly webinars really helped.

My crew and I have been working for the past week, and although it is a constant challenge to adapt to the new health and safety protocols, we are conscientiously following all compliance guidelines and are aware of how important these procedures are to keep ourselves, our clients and the public safe.

Once again, my most sincere thanks to you and the whole LO team. Moving forward, I hope we can all salvage some joy out of our season!

Karen Henderson, Owner
Hillholm Gardening
Toronto, Ont.