September 15, 2014
Half-way through Landscape Ontario’s Chapter Challenge, Georgian Lakelands and Windsor are tied for the lead.

The great news is that all nine chapters in Landscape Ontario have succeeded in meeting their goals.

Inspired by LO President Dave Braun, the Chapter Challenge began in March of this year, and will end this December. The goal of the challenge is for each chapter to increase membership by five per cent.

Each chapter will receive $500 for reaching the five per cent goal.The chapter that increases and retains its membership by the highest percentage will be granted an additional $500, plus the bragging rights to own Grout Gnome’s cousin, Golden Grout.

“A great way to help your chapter in this challenge is to renew your membership once you have received your renewal invoice,” says membership coordinator Denis Flanagan.
To view the latest results of the Challenge, go to

  Member total
as of Mar. 1
Member total
as of Aug. 18
Goal         Percentage increase
Durham Chapter 148 161 155 8%
Georgian Lakelands Chapter 161 182 169 13%
Golden Horseshoe Chapter 303 319 318 5%
London Chapter 142 149 149 4%
Ottawa Chapter 164 173 172 5%
Toronto Chapter 758 823 796 8.5%
Upper Canada Chapter 43 45 45 4%
Waterloo Chapter 182 202 191 10%
Windsor Chapter 31 35 33 13%