August 15, 2011
Following the federal government’s proclamation of National Tree Day, Landscape Ontario and Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA) are working towards helping members celebrate the day on Sept. 21.

The day became official following parliament passing a private member’s bill by MP Royal Gallipeau last year. LO executive director Tony DiGiovanni, said, “As an industry we commend Royal Gallipeau for initiating National Tree Day. It is a testament to the economic, environmental and social benefit of trees that this private member’s bill actually came to fruition during a minority government.”

Landscape Ontario is asking members to work with their local schools to encourage a tree planting event on Sept 21. It is hoped members will use their existing relationships with teachers, principals, or trustees and adopt a school to host a tree planting event. The organizing committee suggests the member could bring the classroom outdoors and show students how to plant and care for a tree donated by the member. A press release has been created in which the member can fill in the blanks of the template and forward it to local media outlets before the event and follow up with a few photos from the event.

CNLA has developed press releases and tool kits which are available at to give members the materials they need to carry out a successful event. Included in the press releases is a message to visit a local garden centre to buy a tree and participate in National Tree Day.

“National Tree Day will also raise public awareness that trees can be planted in the fall as well as spring. The industry looks forward to helping promote this very important day,” says DiGiovanni.  

Partnership with Tree Canada

A partnership was formed with Tree Canada to co-promote events. The press releases include the logos of LO’s Green for Life, CNLA and Tree Canada’s National Tree Day.

CNLA is requesting any members who initiate an event to contact staff to let them know which school you are working with. Email details for your planting event to A list of the programs will be included on the website.