March 15, 2009
Landscape Ontario is well represented on the newly formed Interiorscape Industry Coalition (IIC), which held its second organizational meeting on Jan. 16 in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.  In attendance at the meeting was Stephen Schell CHT, who also chairs LO’s interiorscape sector group. Joining him on the coalition is Sally Harvey, manager of education and labour development.

At the meeting, the organizational structure of the coalition was discussed and defined. LO is the only Canadian member.

There was discussion on projects that the IIC might undertake to support the interiorscape industry.  Two projects were given priority:  grant writing and development of an informational website. Exploring the possibilities of available grants would help direct the next steps with other projects, so a grants committee was formed with Stephen Schell named to this committee.

Other actions included the use of the IIC member organization logos and links on other IIC member organization websites for cross-promotion; and that IIC members request their organizations become investors in Green Plants for Green Buildings.  

The coalition is scheduled to meet again at the PLANET 2009 summer leadership meeting, from June 24 to 27, in Stevenson, Wash.