October 15, 2008
Every LO member who helped to fulfill a little girl’s wish came away from the experience deeply touched.

Seven-year-old Rachel has been fighting an aggressive form of cancer. She has already lost the sight in one eye. Her request to the Make a Wish Foundation was to have a butterfly garden in her back yard.

Beth Edney, LO’s Landscape Design Com-modity Group chair, created the plan for the butterfly garden. It took a huge team of volunteers four days to create the garden.

For Rachel, going to the garden is like going to an amusement park. She and her family are thrilled that her wish has been granted.

The garden features a two-tiered terrace, a bridge with shooting water, a bicycle path, a vegetable garden and plants that attract butterflies. Also included in the design is a unique fence with butterfly etchings and a mural that was painted on the garage wall.

Watch for the November issue of Horticulture Review for a more complete story and more photographs.