May 15, 2012
LO part of Trees for Life project
Members of the Trees for Life project are working to double Toronto’s tree canopy by 2050.
The Trees for Life project, formerly known as Toronto Tree Canopy Coalition, has set a goal to double the tree canopy of Toronto and surrounding areas by 2050.

Landscape Ontario is a member of the group, along with other organizations such as Ontario Urban Forest Council, Tree Canada, City of Toronto, Toronto and Region Conservation for the Living City, Compost Council of Canada, LEAF, Ontario Parks Association and Green Living Enterprises.

The group’s vision is healthier, cleaner, more economically viable and socially beneficial urban spaces through the planting and maintenance of the tree canopy.   

Goals set out by the group include: Marshalling the resources of not-for-profit organizations — private/corporate and public — that are dedicated to tree planting and maintenance; Work with existing municipalities to enhance the tree canopy; Oversee the work that is financed and supported by the Coalition to ensure professional planting and maintenance standards are met; Communicate the core messages of urban forestry; Educate public on core messages; and solicit funds from government and private sources to invest in the urban tree canopy and ensure that the value of the monetary investment is maximized.

Mark Cullen is the driving force behind the group and chair of the committee. He says, “It is  well-known that trees provide a myriad of environmental benefits, including production of oxygen, cooling the atmosphere, filtering toxins, and providing a nice place to sit under and have a picnic.”  

Landscape Ontario is represented on the Coalition by executive director Tony DiGiovanni. He said, “To witness the passion of Mark Cullen on the project is truly inspiring.”