December 15, 2010
Helen Hassard
Helen Hassard

Membership coordinator

What is your basic job description at LO?

I’m the membership and chapter coordinator. It’s a fairly large job description, but the gist of it is I’m here to help the chapters serve their membership and encourage others in the green industry to join LO. This involves everything from helping to plan chapter meetings and events, to working on marketing strategies, to helping members who contact me directly.  

What is your background before coming to LO, and when did you begin work at LO?

Before coming to LO I worked for a small non-profit in Burlington called the Halton Industry Education Council, where I was hired to analyze data (my degree was in Economic and Finance). I quickly realized that data analysis was not for me, and got into proposal writing using the stats as a platform for building arguments. When one of the proposals I wrote for a new event was accepted, I became an events coordinator, and never looked back. When I heard LO was looking for someone to help coordinate activities all over the province, working with hundreds of different people, I had to apply. I started working at LO at the end of May 2010, and have found it to be just as challenging and rewarding as I had hoped.

When not at work, where can you be found?

I would either be with friends, or with my puppy and fiancé. I’m a really social person and rarely choose to spend my free time alone. My friends, fiancé and puppy all enjoy sports, so often we’re outside playing something, or inside yelling at the TV/computer. I also enjoy playing cards, foosball (table football), and basically anything we can make competitive.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

For me it was constantly changing. First I wanted to be an artist, then a veterinarian, then probably during my teens something like a movie star, and then a lawyer. But, I’m still not sure what I want to be when I grow up.

What inspires you during your time at LO?

The members. I’m constantly impressed by the fact that our members will work 24-7 and still take time to help out with LO. I’ve come to realize that LO does a lot for the industry, but none of that would be possible without the industry folks who turn around and volunteer their time, expertise and money to make things happen. I’m also inspired by my colleagues. There is a huge learning curve at LO, and since starting here in May everyone has been extremely supportive and helpful.

Name your all-time favourite movie, musical group and TV show.

I don’t really have a favourite movie; mainly we watch DVD seasons of TV shows. One movie that we did buy and have watched countless times is Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Russell Brand is hilarious. My favourite musical group: Lady Gaga, Incubus, or maybe The Presets; it really depends on my mood. How I Met Your Mother is my favourite TV show.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I would go to Greece. Well, I would go anywhere warmer than here, but if I could only choose one place it would be Greece.

Tell us one thing about you that few of your colleagues know about you.

I’m really interested in mythology, especially Norse myth. I think their society had such an interesting perspective on the world. When I was in school I debated switching to a Classics degree. Although my colleagues might already know this about me, my dog’s name is Loki after all.