August 15, 2013
Landscape Ontario welcomed a new member of the family, with the official announcement that a Hardscaping Committee had received approval.

The committee agreed to a mission statement which reads, “The mission of the Landscape Ontario Hardscape Committee is to increase the proper application and education of interlocking concrete pavement systems and segmental retaining walls in the province of Ontario. This includes commercial, institutional, governmental, industrial and residential markets.”

Named as chair is Mike Riehm of Envirobond, with Jarrett Woodard of Grand River Stone as vice chair. Other members of the board are Laura Vaughan of Atlas Block, treasurer; Jason Vettese of Bestway Stone, marketing; Alex Cadieux of Techo-Bloc, education and professional development; Chuck Chambers of St. Mary’s Cement, past chair of ICPI Ontario Chapter; and directors, John Sanchez of Permacon, Al Van Haaster of Oaks, Elliot Bender of Oaks, Bruce Burns of Unilock, Terry Childs of Nature’s Way Landscaping, Luc Fornoville of Atlas Block, Bert Minor of Les Enterprises Prebbel Enterprises and Dave O’Malley of Armtec/Brooklin. LO executive director Tony DiGiovanni will serve as the committee secretary.

The group was created from the ICPI Ontario Chapter, when members requested to form a committee under the Landscape Ontario umbrella. There is an opportunity in the future that the committee becomes a member of the LO Sector Group with formal representation on the LO Provincial Board of Directors.

Plans to announce the launch of the new committee have not been formalized, although under consideration is the Snowposium on Sept. 19, at LO home office in Milton.