June 15, 2008

On behalf of LO’s London Student Chapter, president Renee Kendel presented a Sciadopitys verticillata (Japanese umbrella pine) to the gardens of Fanshawe College. The tree was received by Michael Pascoe, professor and program coordinator of the horticulture technician program and director of the gardens of Fanshawe College.

Every year the student chapter donates plants to assist the ongoing development of a series of demonstration gardens and landscape projects on the campus. The mission of the garden is to introduce unique and unusual plants to students, as well as the public. Several areas of the campus have already been developed and include the Hope Garden (a planting of 15,000 daffodils), the perennial garden, the Burr German iris garden, the Carolinian garden, and the new, Weeks rare and unusual perennial garden.

These gardens act as a living laboratory for the horticulture and landscape design students enrolled at the college and are a key component to the plant identification courses. The next area Pascoe hopes to develop further is a dwarf conifer collection. He already has a few specimens to begin the project.

Caption: Members of the London Student Chapter help improve the college’s gardens.