February 15, 2012
Landscape Ontario’s Annual General Meeting, held Jan. 11 in conjunction with Congress, again reflected the strong, personal involvement members feel with their association.

Executive director Tony DiGiovanni outlined the association’s successes over the past year with 15 highlights.

Executives for the coming year were presented: Tom Intven, past president; Phil Charal, president; Dave Braun, first vice president; Warren Patterson, second vice president; and Paul Brydges, treasurer.

Outgoing president Tom Intven reflected on his busy years in office, and gave a gracious introduction to Phil Charal. Intven predicted his successor will be a great president, because Charal has the talents of a great golfer — attitude, good grip, form and follow-through, a great drive, finishing on the green and getting along with others.

In his inaugural address, Phil Charal gave a nod to Invten as a “great stand-up comic,” acknowledged his predecessor’s outstanding service, and announced Relevance as the theme of his presidency.
Gregg Salivan and Beth Edney were elected to the provincial board as members-at-large.

To address a question raised at last year’s meeting, Michael LaPorte reported on committee action, approved by the board, to clarify policy on payments to members for services. Noting that it is often efficient to hire members to perform services, the present conflict of interest policy will guide payments under $10,000. Calls for proposals over that amount will be published in Landscape Ontario magazine, with transparency as the guiding principle.