October 15, 2012
Terry Childs
Terry Childs
Since 2004, Terry Childs has been a consistent volunteer at Landscape Ontario.  

He owns and operates Natural Care Lawn and Garden and Nature’s Way Landscaping, both in Gananoque. In talking about why he became involved with LO, Childs says, “I was very committed to the environment when we started Nature’s Way, and as such I thought it was better to try to influence lawn care operators from within the organization that was working hard to keep cosmetic use of pesticides in lawns. It worked.”

In talking about his favourite memory as a volunteer with LO, Childs says with tongue firmly in cheek, “I have many great memories, but drinking away evenings at Expo and Congress should not be made known to the rest of the world. Seriously, FRIENDSHIP is what it is all about.” He reflects that volunteering is a great way to meet new friends from all aspects of the horticultural field and beyond.

Childs says that besides the benefits of friendship and the positive feeling of helping your industry, volunteering also has business advantages. He cites peer interaction that has helped him with both personal and business growth. “My time volunteering has allowed me to place my businesses where I want to position them and to make them profitable.” Childs says that his time spent helping the association, gave him the opportunity to meet many experts over the years. “It would have cost me many thousands of dollars to go out and pay for the kind of advice I received from those experts I met and talked to over the years.

Terry Childs feels that continued and improved communication is the key to ensuring that the association prospers. “It is vitally important as a leader in horticulture that we as an organization, and all the way down to the Chapters, keep lines of communication open with members, potential members, staff, public, municipalities and educational officials.”

He says the association is only as strong as it is because of commitment from the members. “We need to ensure we are working to create continued growth as an organization. This will only happen if we can strengthen our members and bring more into the family.”

Terry Childs has also volunteered in the political arena. He previously served as the secretary of the Green Party of Ontario and was president of one of the party’s riding associations.

“My son is now in his first year at McMaster University in Hamilton, which has left us as empty nesters, so with some time available to me, I am planning on getting back into politics,” says Childs.

In the meantime, look for Terry Childs at Expo on Oct. 17 and 18. He is well-known to those attending Expo and Congress for his work coordinating the New Products Showcase. It’s one of the most popular attractions at both shows.