April 15, 2008
This winter, LO organized over 50 business management seminars to help members prepare for the Certified Landscape Professional evaluations. The CLP exam modules were offered to candidates after each seminar. Congratulations to the following professionals who attained CLP designation this winter: Bruce Morton, Chris Urquhart, Diana Cassidy-Bush, Gord De Vries, Jim Peckham and Mary Shearman Reid.

Sally Harvey, CHT, CLP, coordinated the delivery of the seminars. She gives many thanks to the following companies and individuals, without whom the cross-province training opportunity would have been possible.
Many thanks to:
St. Clair College, Sheridan Nurseries, Kitchener, and Direct Landscape Supply for offers of seminar rooms to hold local delivery of the programs.

Joel Beatson, CLP, and Julia Ricottone, both of CNLA, for the huge job of coordinating all exams, study manuals and instructor packages.

Instructors: George Urvari, Paul Doornbos, CHT, CLP, Jay Murray, CLP, Tim Kearney, CLP, and Joel Beatson.

The LO chapter reps., for helping with the organization of lunches and venues.

Brenda Luckhardt, Paul Doornbos, Tim Kearney, Lynn Lane, Wendy Harry, Stephanie Smith, and LO’s publishing department for giving the program extensive promotion.

LO staff: Jane Leworthy, Kathleen Pugliese, Lee Ann Knudsen and Ian Service for making CLP a success.

Last, but not least, thanks to Tony DiGiovanni, who was responsible for the forward thinking of applying for the grant to make this all possible.

A total of 84 people participated in the exams. They are congratulated for taking on the challenge of elevating themselves and their respective companies to the next level. The CLP program focuses on the real-life business challenges that landscape professionals face each day by focusing on six core values:
  1. Prosperity - On all levels, from individual to company to the industry, CLP can help you and your business prosper in the near and distant future.
  2. Profitability - Increase your bottom line through efficiencies and management techniques learned through CLP.
  3. Professionalism - Raise the bar within your company and the industry by establishing a culture and expectation of professionalism. Those who hold CLPs are recognized as leaders across North America. It is a great way to set an example within your company.
  4. Productivity - Create efficiencies in your business that will increase time to focus on productive ventures, or enjoy a little more free time!
  5. Promotion - CLP is an excellent marketing tool for you and your company. It can help establish and distinguish your company as professional and reputable, which leads to easier sales and higher rates.
  6. People - CLP is about you, your employees and your customers. It gives you the knowledge and tools to recruit and retain quality employees to produce the best results for your clients.