January 15, 2011
Since 2008, industry members have supported Landscape Ontario’s Building Your Prosperity workshop. The following have taken valuable steps toward building a better balance in their business, managing people better and focusing their efforts more effectively. To register for the next Building Your Prosperity workshop, go to www.horttrades.com/prosperity.

Jesse Turner, A Step Above
Johan Bossers, A Touch of DutchvLandscaping and Garden Services
Jason Dietrich, Ace Lawn Care
Bill McAvoy, Advance Landscaping
Brian Alcock, Alcock Nurseries
Bill DeLuca, Aldershot Landscape Contractors
Wes James, All Canadian Gardening
Stephen Schleimer, All Exterior Improvements
John Pavicic, All Seasons Landscaping and Design
Phil Charal, Allweather Landscape
Susan Smith, Ambiance
Catherine Geraats, Aphrodite Design Group
Paulo Domingues CIT, Aquaman Irrigation
Ian Armstrong, Armstrong Landscaping
Zhaoxian Hou, Arton Landscaping
Brian Baun, B.K. Baun Landscape
Robert Farlie, Bala Garden Centre
John Moore CHT, CLP, Baltimore Valley Produce and Garden Centre
Bill Groenewegen, Baseline Nursery - Division of Peeters Landscaping
Michelle Peeters, Baseline Nursery - Division of Peeters Landscaping
Bill Beamish, Beamish Landscape Services
Daryl Bell, Beaver Integrated Services
Mayra Lopez, Beaver Integrated Services
Peter Santos, Beaver Landscaping and Gardening
Bob Bellaire, Bellaire Landscape
Chris Power, Bellaire Landscape
Cindy Cluett, Beyond The House
Bruce Lively, Blue Jay Sprinkler Systems
Roy Gucciardi CLT, Blue Willow Garden and Landscape Centre
Katie McGrath, BlueStone Properties
Gerald Boot CLP, Boot’s Landscaping and Maintenance
John Bos CLT, Bos Landscaping
Steve Suter, Breakaway Landscaping
Brian Wilson, Brian Wilson Services
George Schellingerhoud, Bright Lawn and Gardens
Chris Bush, Bush Brothers Landscaping
Robert Campagna, Camrob Enterprises
Tom Intven, Canadale Nurseries
Roderick Samuel-Stevens, Canlawn Landscape Maintenance and Snow Removal
Jeff Mcgee, Changing Seasons Landscape and Maintenance
Pierre Chevrier, Chevrier Asphalt and Interlock
Christine Moffit, Christine’s Touch Gardening
Janet Mott    CLP, Christine’s Touch Gardening
Byron Hobson, Classic Landscape Lighting
Stephen Kertesz, Colour Landscaping - Design + Build
Stanislao (Lino) Genova, Connecting Stones
Lisa Purves CLT, Connon Nurseries/CBV Holdings
Paul DeGroot, Connon Nurseries/NVK Holdings
Darin Cooper, Cooper and Son Contracting
Ken Martin, Copper Expressions Landscape Lighting and Design
Paul Forbes, Countryside Gazebos Canada
Erin Van Gilst, Create it!
Andrea Ng, Creative Landscape Depot
Iris Ng, Creative Landscape Depot
Monty Ward, Creative Landscape Depot
Mike Mugford, Cubic Yard Design
Terry Ryan, Cubic Yard Design
Peter Cullen, Cullen Landscaping
Matthew Boven, Curtis Construction and Landscaping
Leendert Deblieck, D & D Commercial Property Maintenance Limited
Daniel Shoag, Daniel Shoag Landscaping
George Harrietha, DarMax
David Turnbull CLT, David Turnbull and Associates
Paul Boonstra, Delaware Nursery
Derek Stevens, Derek Stevens Designs
Jay Bricknell, Direct Landscape Supply
Sharon Humphries, Direct Landscape Supply
Tracy Eastman, Direct Landscape Supply
Ann Todt, Dirt Girl Landscaping
Don Prosser CLD, Don Prosser Landscape Design
Anthony Lombardi CLP, CLD, Dr. Landscape
Heidi Campbell, Dragonfly
Thomas Blatter CLP, Dreamestate Landscaping
Steve Mothe, Dreamscape Contracting
Rob Van Veghel, Dreamscape Landscaping
Twan Van Veghel, Dreamscape Landscaping
Mike Dufour, Dufour Landscaping
Walter Hasselman, Dutchman’s Landscaping
Cory Hendrick, Dynamic Property Services
Kris Hall, Earth Elements and Landscape Design
Andrew Anderson, Earth Impressions
Susan Rydell, Earthworks Landscape Development
Victor Jaunzarins, Earthworks Landscape Development
Mike Thiessen, Eco Landscape Design
Eric Brooks CLP, Eco Landscaping
Jonas Spring, Ecoman
David Kampen, Edengrove Landscapes
Gary MacPhail, Ego’s Nurseries
Kristin Ego, Ego’s Nurseries
Ilse Mozga, Eko Landscaping
Marcelo Manfrini, Elite Designed Concrete
Raffy Hanimyan, Elite Designed Concrete
David Nemeth, Elm Landscaping
Darlene McIntosh, EnviroMasters Lawn Care
John McIntosh, EnviroMasters Lawn Care
Leonard Paruag, Enviroscape Landscaping
Grant Harrison CLT, Escapes Outdoor Living Designs
John Holdstock, Evergreen Landscaping Services
Bryan L’Ecuyer CIT, Expert Irrigation Ottawa
George Joao, FloraTech Landscaping and Maintenance
Anthony Roy, Focus On Landscapes
Paul-Britman Rapai, Fox Hollow Farms
Frank Selles CLT, Framar Landscape and Maintenance Contractors
Frenk van Herpen, Frenk van Herpen Landscaping
Diana Cassidy-Bush CLP, Fresh Landscape and Garden Solutions
Ryan Kearney CLT, Garden Creations of Ottawa
Charlie Dobbin, Garden Solutions by Charlie Dobbin
Collette Hackl, Gardens By Collette
Glenda Forward, Gardens By Collette
Paisley Fisher, Garland Landscaping
Ron Hinde, Garland Landscaping
John Fulford, Gerrits Property Services
Darren Allen, Golden Mean Landscape
Danielle Gordon, Gordon Landscape Company
Eric Gordon, Gordon Landscape Company
Peter Solti CLP, CLT, Green Apple Landscaping
Rick Harvey CLP, CLT, Green Design Landscaping
Douglas Kennedy, Green Side Up Environmental Services
Merri Corrigall, Green Space Design
Tony Graci, Green T Lawns and Landscaping
Donna White CHT, Green Things Garden, Gift and Maintenance Services
Wally Earl CLT, Green Things Landscaping 2010
Sarah Johnston, Greenlife
Joe Natale, Greenscape Exterior  Design
John Hewson, Greenscape Lawn Maintenance
Bruce Morton CLP, CIT, Greenscape Watering Systems
Carmine Filice CLP, Greentario Landscaping
Frank Tchorek, Greentec Landscape Design and Construction
Ian Andrews, Greenwood Interlock
Bill McKague, Gro-Bark (Ontario)
David Gunn, Gunn-Duncan Landscaping
Kevin Hackson CLT, Hackstone: Stone Craftsmen
Ed Hansen, Hansen Lawn and Gardens
Kevin Fay, Hardship Acres Landscaping
Nolan Bader, Highbush Landscaping and Property Maintenance
James Godbold CLP, Hill’N Dale Landscaping
Sonja Hirsig CLT, Hirsig Landscapes
Greg Hogan, Hogan Landscaping
Mike Pennington, Holman Landscape Restoration
Susan Beduhn, Horticare Landscaping
Blair Deutekom, Humphries Landscape Services
Mark Humphries, Humphries Landscape Services
Tracy Eastman, Humphries Landscape Services
Colin Padgett, Husky Landscaping Services
John Hutten, Hutten and Co.
Michael Kenel CLD, Ideal Landscape and Design
Melissa McKerlie, It’s About Thyme Garden Design and Landscaping
John Alblas, J. Williams Landscaping
Jake Maarse, Jacob M. Landscapes
Carlos Da silva, JC Group
Carolyn Begg, Ken Begg Nursery Sales
Ken Begg, Ken Begg Nursery Sales
Michael Martins, Kimmick Landscaping
Chris Klingbeil CLT, Klingbeil Landscaping
Anna McQuaid, Kobes Nurseries
Ben Kobes, Kobes Nurseries
Tim Mcleish CLP, Kontiki Mature Landscape Specialists
Jay Ladell, Ladell Landscaping and Gardens
Keith Evans, Land Effects Outdoor Living Spaces
Dean Schofield, Landmark Landscaping
Colin Holwell, Landscape Gate and Garden
Sally Harvey CLT, CLP, Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association
Arvils Lukss, Landscapes By Lucin
Jim McMillen, Landscapes in Bloom
Chris Vogel, Landscaping Concepts
Chris Kidney, Lawnscape
Simon Stevenson, Leaside Landscaping
Grace Henderson, Li’l Acres Lawn and Garden Care
John Muller, Limited Addition
David Galloway, Listowel Landscaping
Kim Goodwin, Living Landscapes
Reginal Gurney, Llolyn Farms
Russel Loney, Loney Landscaping
Cory Davis, Lorco Property Maintenance
Trevor Garner, LP Landscape Plus
Bob Maitland, Maitland and Maitland
Tim Sieders, MapleRidge Landscapes
Brian Varnas, Marios Gardening and Snow Removal
Mark Zammit, Markstone Landscaping
Phillip McFadden, McFadden Contracting
Leo McPherson, MCP Landscape Contractors
Michael Meyer CLP, Meyer’s Landscaping
Michael Scott, Michael Scott’s Landscaping
Peter Hogenbirk, MMD Property Services
Andre Ypma, Modern Earthscapes Land Design
Irfan Motala, Mr. Lawnmower Landscaping Services
Jamie Munger, Munger Lawnscape Distribution
Jeff Thompson, Native Plant Source
Derek Lippert CLP, Naturally Maintained
Wayne Michaud, Nature’s Pride
Terry Childs, Nature’s Way Landscaping
Mike House, Nutri-Lawn - Sudbury
David Vandersar, Oakleaf Gardens and Landscapes
Ryan Marshall CLT, Oasis Creations Landscaping
Amin Nizami, Oasis Garden Creations
Barb Kerr, Oasis Garden Design
Sean O’Keefe, O’Keefe Landscaping
Bren Silk, Old South Lawn, Garden and Construction
Mike Alderman, Outer Beauty Landscapes
Jason Brown, Outside Design/Build
George Araujo, Pacific Paving
Mike DaSilva, Paradise Views Landscaping
Graham Sandiford, Paragon Landscapes
Wolfegang Bonham, Peace, Love, and Landscaping
Peter Vanderley CLP, Pete Vanderley’s Lawn Maintenance and Landscape Services
Kennedy Johnston CLT, Peter Knippel Nursery
Martin Johnston, Peter Knippel Nursery
Peter Cox, Peter M. Cox, Consulting Arborist
Paul Snyders, PGS Landscape
Colin Vos, Pinecorner Tree Farm
Diana Vos, Pinecorner Tree Farm
Glenn Curtis, Plantenance
Rosy Mignacca, Plantenance
Joanne Carlsen, Polyanthus Landscapes
Bob Van Zeyl, Pro Lawn Care
David Milne, Quercus Horticultural and Garden Services
Richard Rogers CLT, R J Rogers Landscaping
Justin Berube, Rain Gods
Brian Macartney CIT, Raintree Irrigation and Outdoor Systems
Steve Macartney CIT, CLT, Raintree Irrigation and Outdoor Systems
Doug Cutler, Ray’s Power Equipment and Landscaping,
Rejean Chartrand, Rejean Chartrand Tree Farm
Andrew Mulder, Renaissance Landscape Group
Darrell Kekanovich CLT, Ritchie Feed and Seed
Martin Schoones, Ritchie Feed and Seed
Patrick Forbes, RMF Property Services
David Pritchard, Ruppert Holdings
Jason Zehr, Rural Roots Landscaping
Mike Wardell, Rural Roots Landscaping
Ryan Heath CLP, CLT, Ryan Heath Professional Landscaping
Scott Nicholas, S.J. Nicholas Property Maintenance
Joanne Draper, Schoolhouse Country Landscapes
Harry Hutten CIT, Select Sprinklers
Garrett Graham, Signature Stone Construction
Hetty Teuber, Silverthorn Landscape Supplies
Pamela McCormick CLP, Simply Landscaping and Garden Designs
Joseph Szolopiak, Sitescape
Skai Leja, Skai Leja Landscape Design
Steve Snider CLT, Snider Turf and Landscape Care
Ghassan Amro, So-Green Canada (Landscape Design Build)
Dan Brubacher, Southern Stone Outdoor Creations
Tim Cekrezi, Spring Flowers Landscaping
Keith Snider, St. Jacobs Country Gardens
Gerwin Bouman, Stam Nurseries
Hella Keppo CLT, Stems Interior Landscaping
Steve Vogel, Steve’s Landscape and Construction
Brian Stiles, Stiles Landscape Construction
Doug Stiles, Stiles Landscape Construction
Mitch Taylor, Taylor Boyz Lawn Care
Angela Fox, Taylored Gardening
Doug Frehs, The Escarpment Company
Mark Fisher, The Escarpment Company
Vic Palmer CLP, The Green Team
Shawn Foley CIT, The Waterboys Contracting
Mary Trudelle CLP, The Well-Tended Garden
Paul Doornbos CLP, CLT, Thornbusch Landscaping Company
David Kilmer, Timeless Landscapes
James Walke, Total Gardening Services
Jim Materiuk, Tree and Garden Service
Judy Bell, Treefrog Design
Dave Gerl, Treelawny Groundskeeping Services
James Wegenast, Tuitman’s Garden Centre and Landscaping
Jason Murphy CIT, Turf Cover
Adrian Tyman, Turf King (Brockville)
Bob Cumming, Turf King (Brockville)
Kevin Marshall CLT, Turf-Pro Landscaping
Todd Gould, TWG Landscaping and Property Maintenance
Scott Kenyon, Upper Canada Sod and Landscape
Allan Kling CLP, Urban Garden Supply Co.
Vince Basso, V & F Landscape
Phil Goodfellow, Valleybrook Gardens (Ont)
Michael Van Dongen, Van Dongen’s Landscaping and Nurseries
Harry Van Staveren, Van Staveren’s
Mark Falconer, Verbeek’s Farm and Garden Centre
Debby Westlake, Vissers Nursery and Sod Farm
Fiona Edmonds, Visual Impact Landscaping
Diane Hutchinson, Walter’s Greenhouse
Brad Ware, Ware-With-All-Contracting
Chuck Pronger, Watergardens Unlimited
Luke Pattman, Way to Grow Irrigation
Steacie Lachance, Weed Man – Muskoka
Welwyn Wong, Welwyn Wong Landscape Design
James Irwin, Wildrose Gardening
Rob Reid, Wildrose Gardening
Ian Stewart, Yards Unlimited Landscaping
Chad Yates CIT, Yates Custom Lawn Sprinklers
Chuck Yates CIT, Yates Custom Lawn Sprinklers
Garry Moore, University of Windsor
Nicola Kamp
Jeff Scott