April 15, 2009
By Dan Clost

In the raw early days of March, Landscape Ontario’s winter education series travelled to Trenton, located in the hinterlands of the Upper Canada Chapter country. The event was a two-day, hands-on seminar entitled ‘Masonry In the Landscape.’ The write-up for the course stated: “During this two-day seminar, an expert will discuss the dos and dont’s of good masonry design and application, including forming, strength, composition, reinforcing, repairing, general construction tips on how to lay and pour better masonry, as well as choosing stone and use of chisels.”

The event was hosted by Connon Nurseries/CBV. An example of a dedicated LO member was, when it was noticed that there was no masonry sand, and Sprout’s Premium Products was contacted to see if they could help out. They had to unload an excavator from their float, turn over the entire bin of sand in order to obtain thawed material. Once this took place, the company then offered to deliver it. Twenty minutes later, the sand arrived. No charge.

Larry Moore of The Beach Gardener was the hands-on instructor, and was everything an LO instructor should be: knowledgeable with the ability to pass on that knowledge and aware of the needs of the students. His years of practical experience allowed him to answer all the questions of his peers, and he was cognizant of the retail environment. In fact, he received top marks across the board in the post-course survey.

From host, to sponsor, to teacher, to students, this is what an LO training event should strive for every time.

Dan Clost is a member of the Upper Canada Chapter board