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The Escarpment Company


Serving: Residential clients

Scope of projects include: Small, Medium

Areas of operation: Milton & Oakville And Surrounding Area

Areas of service: Grounds Maintenance, Interlocking Paving, Landscape Contractors, Landscape Designer & Organic Plant Care

Company summary:
For more information please visit our website at www.theescarpmentcompany.com or our social media profile at www.whywebpr.com/theescarpmentcompanylandscapingmilton.
Here you will find over 350 photos in our Portfolio on Flickr from projects we have completed over the past 5 years. We received an Award of Excellence from Landscape Ontario in 2010 for Business Engagement. We are a Unilock Authorized Contractor and have taken over 20 Professional Development courses at Landscape Ontario. Send me an e-mail at mfisher@theescarpmentcompany.com or call my mobile at 905-691-2099 to get in touch.

Project Descriptions

Nassagaweya Canyon
Nassagaweya Canyon is the valley in-between Rattlesnake Point and Crawford Lake on the Bruce Trail. This Job entailed removing an old timber retaining wall on both sides of a driveway that descends into a ‘basement garage’. We widened the driveway space to 2 cars by digging out a significant portion of a hill beside the house and then installed about 12,000 pounds of armour stone creating a traversable retaining wall on both sides of the driveway. The layout and rocks are representative of the cliff sides of the escarpment as you enter Nassagaweya Canyon, placed and levelled but positioned naturally to maintain the natural feel.

Around the Bend
This was a design with a simple but complicated design. It was complicated in that I designed a curve to take you to the front door with 2 layers of banding. The result was very effective as the curve was smooth and proportionate to the space. It had enough curve to 'pull' you around the curve . The front landing was also capped with paver stones and a pillar was put in to section off the area and provide a balance at the front entrance.

A Complete Solution
We specialize in small to medium size projects in residential areas. This job is an excellent example of using a small amount of space well and creating a mini landscape with a walkway, a walled container and another wall that wraps around the side of the house where ornamental grasses were planted and will continue to fill the landscape as the years go on. This job was done on a 'semi' in Milton.

The River Delta
Front Walkway with large stone slab steps. Mortared Landing with Stone. Driveway cut out to resemble sediment at the end of a river delta -as it meets the ocean/lake/sea. High End Credit Valley Flagstone walkway and steps at the side of the house leading to the backyard living areas. Water metaphors are used throughout the design to provide unity. Large 4" diameter bamboo poles were brought in and were installed throughout the design as well.

One Step at a Time
A simple but effective 2 day installation. We did a walkway beside the driveway, leading up to the front door. The Client had a home-made garden wall that he wanted us to redo as well. We rebuild the garden wall and adhered a coping on top of the wall that contrasted the garden wall nicely, matching the walkway.

Peruvian Trail
The name is related to the muddy and steep conditions on this complete property landscape. We renovated the front and backyard lawns complete with french drains and regrading. We put in paver stone patios in the front and backyards and used river rock and larger stones along the side of the house to prevent erosion on the steep slope.

A River runs Through
This job was completed 3 seasons ago and looks better every year. We designed and constructed a dry river that ran through the property. We also constructed a large berm and planted emerald cedars on top while building stones into the side of the berm. Essentially we provided the backdrop for our client to do her own gardening and developed the area that we 'carved out'. There are 'islands' alongside the dry river that are surrounded by ornamentals grasses. These islands are green space and allow for the grandchildren to play.

A Design in Mind
Our Client had a specific design in mind that we were able to execute and install. A unique layout of Flagstone Paver units with an informal border around the outsides of the patio. The border was comprised of the flag patio meeting gardens as well as entry points to the flag patio.

The Great Wall
We put in almost 200 linear feet of Garden Walls, stepped and leveled to the property. We used a new Brussels Block that allowed us to do curves while keeping the professional and authentic stone look. This was the first Brussels Dimensional Wall installed in Milton and the project was completed in July of 2009.

The Complete Addition
We put in a 4 tiered -side patio, with a garden wall for a client in their backyard. The hot tub was placed at the back of the patio for privacy with a Garden Wall breaking out from the house with a bistro table for relaxing and unwinding beside the garden.

A New Landscape in Old Milton
This was another complete landscape renovation. In the front yard we installed 2 walls and a custom step with Brussels Block. A garden was also constructed outside the wall along the pathway up to the house. There were a selection of Escarpment rocks installed. Boxwoods also lined the front walkway and were surrounded by river rock. The backyard was comprised of 2 large Escarpment Style gardens with natural lines. A paver stone patio was completed around the pool with a walkway extending to the house. Emerald Cedars and a large Japanese Maple provided focal points in the gardens while ornamental grasses and low maintenance native plants completed the gardens.

The Corner Lot
This job required an enormous amount of detail. We Capped the entire porch with Paver Stones and Ledge Stone Veneers (Horizontal and Vertical). The Driveway was also cut into on both sides for a double banding and the walkway leads you to the front door while you pass a small garden. This was on a corner lot and the clients said that after it was completed, for a while, cars would just stop and stare as it really stood out -in a good way-, on a corner lot.

A Brand New Renaissance
The Client wanted a unique front area that was completely stonework. They have a pool out back and numerous plants to maintain so they wanted to keep the front area free of plants (with the possibility of introducing container plants down the road). The challenge was to design something intriguing yet not cluttered while keeping things curved and natural so as to blend the formal structure of the house to the natural landscape. Attention to detail was essential in this design as it included multiple grades and an integration of 3 distinct sections. This was something new, yet had the old world ‘Renaissance’ feel as well.