December 15, 2008
After 35 years as chair of the IPM Symposium, Monica van Maris is stepping down to take a well-earned break. LO owes her a huge debt of gratitude for her hours of work over the years, as she has guided the program into a major annual event, held in four locations across the province each year. The symposium also contributes funds to the Ontario Horticultural Trades Foundation, which supports ornamental horticultural research and scholarships. She asked for space in Horticulture Review to thank the countless volunteers who contributed to the symposium’s success over the years — her comments follow:

As chairman for the past 35 years of the IPM symposium, formerly the Pesticides Symposium, I would like to thank all the volunteers, speakers and staff for their time, energy and good advice that made this symposium run so smoothly and efficiently for such a long time — and it is still going strong. Funds from the symposium have used successfully for research and scholarships. I also appreciate the comments from members, good positive and bad negative. Over the years this was an inspiration for me to continue, but as with everything, it is time for a change. We have a new chairman, Mark Goodman, who I hope everyone will support in the future. I wish him well and prosperity in his new role. Good luck, Mark.