February 15, 2013
A new guide, designed to assist in developing a health and safety system, is now available to members of Landscape Ontario.

The purpose of the guide, entitled, Landscapers and Growers Closing the Loop Setting up a Health and Safety System in Your Small Business, is to help members make sure that health and safety is not something that is left to chance, but to create a healthier workplace.

“We are pleased to partner with Landscape Ontario in bringing you this guide. Our hope is that it will make your life as a business owner just a little bit easier and your work even safer and more productive,” says Elizabeth Mills, president and ceo of Workplace Safety and Prevention Services.

“In recent years the WSIB rate for our sector has increased after a steady decline. It is time to refocus our efforts. It is time for every employer and employee to work together to put safety first,” writes Tony DiGiovanni, LO executive director.

The guide contains six steps. These include Self-Assessment, Setting the Stage, The Right Stuff, Health and Safety in Action, The Internal Responsibility System in Action and Closing the Loop.

A copy of the guide may be obtained from the LO horttrades.com website under Safety on the Resource tab, or at http://bit.ly/safetyloop.