May 15, 2017
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The new Weed ID Guide for Ontario Crops features over 120 species commonly found weeds in and around agricultural fields. Written by Mike Cowbrough, François Tardif and Jocelyne Letarte, the Guide’s introduction states, “This book is for people who work in agriculture and are hoping to minimize the impact that weeds have on their crops. There are literally hundreds of other species we could have included in this book, but we wanted to focus on species that are commonly found in agricultural areas or that are common in Ontario and may pose risk to human health (such as rashes and blisters caused by giant hogweed or wild parsnip).”

The 266-page guide is available in 6x9” hardcopy for $37.51 with a 10 per cent volume discount on 10 or more copies. The guide is also available as a free download in a variety of electronic formats, including ePub (for Kindle, iBooks and other e-reader apps) and PDF format (both electronic and print-ready).

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