New Perennials introduced for 2011

'Dorothy Rose' columbine
Aquilegia 'Dorothy Rose'
A new outstanding, truly unique columbine. Hose-in-hose style (several flowers set inside each other which look like Granny's Bonnets hence the common name) in a lovely soft pink with blue-green foliage. Hardy to zone 3. Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens.
'Black-eyed Angels' delphinium hybrid-bee
Delphinium 'Black-eyed Angels'
A fabulous addition to the New Millenium delphinium series bred by Dowdeswell's Delphiniums in New Zealand. These hybrids are hand crossed in order to produce the highest quality seeds. Tall spires of frilly white flowers with a black bee on strong stems. Best in full sun and hardy to zone 3. Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens.
'Marmalade' coneflower
Echinacea 'Marmalade'
A whole new colour for the beautiful and versatile coneflower. Strong well-branched stems hold the fragrant blossoms from mid-June into August. Depending on the climate, flowers can range in colour from tangerine to golden orange. Excellent cut flower. A low maintenance choice that grows best in full sun. Hardy to zone 4. Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens.
PowWow Wild Berry coneflower
Echinacea PowWow Wild Berry
PowWow Wild Berry is packed with colour in a compact form. Large deep rose-purple blooms that keep going all summer without deadheading. A 2010 All-America Selections award winner. Grows 50 cm tall. Zone 3. Photo courtesy All-America Selections.
Winter Jewels™ 'Onyx Odyssey' hellebore
Helleborus Winter Jewels™ 'Onyx Odyssey'
The Winter Jewels™ Hellebores have been carefully hand-bred to produce a range of new and exciting flower forms and colours. These form a mound of leathery, evergreen foliage bearing upright stems of saucer-shaped blooms from late winter through spring. This strain features double blooms in shades of midnight purple and slate to black. Great in partial shade. Prune back before flowers buds emerge. Bred by Hellebore hybridizer Marietta O'Byrne of Oregon. CAUTION: Harmful if eaten/skin irritant. Hardy to zone 4. Photo courtesy of Terra Nova Nurseries.
'Shanghai' coral bells
Heuchera 'Shanghai'
The breeder's description reads: "Tight mounds of silvery-purple leaves set forth white flowers on dark stems. 'Shanghai' had the best foliage through the worst winter in the last 40 years at the Terra Nova test gardens. Ice, snow and rain didn't faze it! As Shanghai is a beacon to China, so Heuchera 'Shanghai' can be an inviting beacon of metallic silver to your garden. Reblooms all summer." Hardy to zone 4. Photo courtesy of Terra Nova Nurseries.
'Heart of Darkness' candy lily
Pardancanda 'Heart of Darkness'
Also known as Iris x norrisii, these plants appreciate lots of sun, resent wet soil and require regular dividing. They are drought tolerant and don't mind extreme heat. Their growing needs are similar to bearded irises. Pardancandas will bloom from July through August for about three to four weeks. Flowers are small and only open for a day but are produced in profusion on tall, strong stems. 'Heart of Darkness' is deep royal purple with red highlights and very dark signals. It is will produce 200 – 250 blooms per stalk. Hardy to zone 5. Photo courtesy of Vitro Westland b.v.