October 1, 2016

New perennials for 2017

Hakonechloa macra ‘Sunflare’

‘SunFlare’ Japanese forest grass

This form of Hakonechloa macra is a sport selected from the popular cultivar ‘All Gold’ and boasts vibrant chartreuse leaves that with more sun become intense golden yellow, randomly highlighted in deep crimson. Fall colouring is a combination of chartreuse and gold saturated with tones of burnt orange and burgundy-red. This neat, strong-growing grass has a compact habit and forms an upright mound with graceful cascading foliage. Suggested settings include woodland, waterside, slope, perennial border, mixed container, mass planting, edging and container specimen. Hardy to Zone 5. Grows 30-45 cm tall with a spread of 45-60 cm.
HarkAway Botanicals


Stokesia laevis ‘Blue Frills’

‘Blue Frills’ Stokes’ Aster

Large vivid-blue flowers with darker centres form a sizeable canopy over leafy flower stems. These easy-to-grow plants have an upright branching habit and dark-green lance-shaped foliage and bloom from July to August in full sun. Ideal for front and middle of borders, informal gardens or containers. Hardy to Zone 5. Grows to 25 cm with a spread of 60 cm.


Armeria maritima ‘Morning Star Deep Rose’

‘Morning Star Deep Rose’ thrift

Thrift are native to seaside cliffs and are durable perennials for sunny locations. This selection bears deep rose-pink pompon flowers for many weeks starting in late spring with plants that form low cushions of grassy green leaves. Trim off spent flowers to encourage repeat blooming. Great rock garden or edging plant, ‘Morning Star Deep Rose’ can be easily increased by dividing in spring or early fall.


Sedum ‘Dark Magic’

‘Dark Magic’ dwarf stonecrop

In Terra Nova Nurseries’ trial beds, its nickname was “Black Broccoli” due to the enormous flower clusters and thick stems. Near black buds open to strong Tyrian-rose flowers that last until the shiny seed heads take over in the fall. ‘Dark Magic’ is a superb pollinator attractor, visited by numerous species of bees and butterflies. Great for sunny borders and in containers. Hardiness Zones 4-9. Grows to 38-51 cm in height and width.
Terra Nova Nurseries


Coreopsis hybrida ‘Gold & Bronze’

‘Gold & Bronze’ tickseed

The UpTick series has a tidy, mounded habit that makes it very attractive for landscape designs. This North American native offers bigger flowers and longer blooming for more colour in the garden. Available in stunning new colours: ‘Gold & Bronze’, ‘Yellow & Red’, ‘Cream & Red’, and ‘Cream’. Hardiness Zones 5-9. Grows to 30-36 cm with a spread of 30-36 cm.
Darwin Perennials, Ball Horticulture


Hemerocallis ‘Lacy Doily’

‘Lacy Doily’ daylily

This fragrant super bloomer for mid-late summer produces hundreds of double peach flowers with shades of apricot and coral. Daylilies are easy to grow in any sunny garden and require little care once established. Hardiness Zones 3-9. Grows 61 cm high and wide.


Penstemon ‘Cha Cha Cherry’

‘Cha Cha Cherry’ beardtongue

This new addition to the Cha Cha Series has dark cherry-red flowers and an upright, bushy habit. It is very free-flowering and blooms from spring to late fall. The lovely dark seed heads are great for arrangements. Perfect for mid-border collections of plants where bright colour is needed, large mixed containers and mass plantings. Grows to 61-56 cm in height and width.
Terra Nova Nurseries


Paeonia lactifolia ‘London’

‘London’ patio peony

A compact charming peony that produces frilly, raspberry-pink, double flowers. Its strong stems, ease of flowering and very compact growth habit make it very suitable for growing in containers as well. It matures to 50-55 cm high and wide. Hardy to Zone 3.
Willowbrook Nurseries


Salvia x hybrid ‘Caramia’

‘Caramia’ Salvia

Developed to replace Salvia ‘Caradonna,’ ‘Caramia’ boasts three times more flower power and a growth habit that’s 30 per cent more compact. Salvia ‘Caramia’ is pushing boundaries with a flower power nearly rivaling annuals, but with the low maintenance attributes of a perennial.
Dümmen Orange