October 13, 2022

New Perennials for 2023


Dicentra AMORE Titanium

This is a pure white addition to the AMORE series of bleeding hearts. It blooms May through September and performs extraordinarily well in high heat. (Zone 5)

Terra Nova Nurseries


Astilbe Rhapsody

This premium seed item produces long slender plumes in intense shades of red, pink, carmine, and cream. The plants can reach heights of 85 cm and are great additions to the shady landscape. (Zone 4)



Perovskia Jelena

Its first-year flowering produces spikes of lavender-blue flowers. That and the compact upright nature of Jelena also makes it ideal in summer combination containers. (Zone 4)

Dummen Orange


Veronica Skyward

Skyward offers a high flower count on a dense, upright habit and boasts continuous blooming. This durable plant has great handling characteristics and is available in pink and blue colours. It is also pollinator friendly and powdery mildew resistant. (Zone 4)

Ball - Darwin Perennials


Echinacea Panama Red

Panama Red blooms from spring to fall and has vibrant red flowers that transition to a burnt orange as they begin to age. The multiple layers of new flowers mixed with old adds depth and richness to the plant. This is the first URC Echinacea on the market. (Zone 5)

ThinkPlants | Danziger


Echinacea Artisan Yellow Ombre

The latest addition to the Artisan Collection of seed propogated echinacea. It offers consistency of plant structure for highly branched, full plants and uniformity of flowering dates. (Zone 4)

Ball - Kieft Seed


Sedum ROCK ‘N ROUND ‘Bright Idea’

This sedum has red stems with deep green, serrated leaves and clusters of bright yellow, star-shaped flowers. It is perfect for uses in hot, dry areas in the garden or as a filler in mixed containers. (Zones 3-9)

Proven Winners | Walters Gardens


Polemonium Hurricane Ridge

A curved, frond-like foliage with an attractive geometric pattern throughout. It produces light lilac-blue-toned flowers mid summer and is tolerant of both sun and shade. (Zone 4)

Terra Nova Nurseries


Bergenia VINTAGE Blush

VINTAGE Blush showcases blush-pink flowers with deep rose-coloured eyes. This cultivar grows most actively in the spring, featuring a multitude of flowering stems in a cascading flower truss style with long-lasting flowers held upright like an orchid. (Zone 4)

Terra Nova Nurseries


Panicum PRAIRIE WINDS ‘Niagara Falls’

This native ornamental grass appears like a miscanthus in the landscape with arching foliage, but with the added powder blue colour characteristic of switchgrass. (Zone 4)

Proven Winners | Walters Gardens


Rudbeckia Goldblitz

Goldblitz is a first-year-flowering perennial that will flower fully as an annual crop if sown in early spring under natural conditions and summer provides a minimum of 14.5 hours daylength. It is a recent Fleuroselect Gold Medal winner. (Zone 3)

Ball - Kieft Seed


Muhlenbergia Rosy

This muhly grass is densely tufted, clump-forming with glossy green foliage, and has a reddish pink inflorescence that floats above the foliage. Tolerates heat and drought, even producing more inflorescences in warm temperatures. (Zone 5)



Lithodora Tidepool Sky Blue

Tidepool Sky Blue is the first colour released in this new series of lithodora. It has a true-blue colour and tidy but full habit and flowers evenly throughout the plant. (Zone 5)

ThinkPlants | Syngenta Flowers


Gaillardia GUSTO series

Gusto has first year flowering without vernalization, with new blooms covering the old ones. The series has a very uniform mounded growth habit. (Zone 4)

ThinkPlants | Danziger


Echinacea Sombrero Poco Hot Pink

One of three new colours added to this compact form of the Sombrero series of coneflower. The Sombrero Poco series is characterized by producing sturdy plants that are covered in richly coloured blooms. (Zone 4)

Ball - Darwin Perennials


Leucanthemum Sweet Daisy Birdy

This Shasta daisy is an All-American-Selection Perennial Winner for 2021. Sweet Daisy Birdy is a first-year flowering perennial with a long bloom period of 12-18 weeks. (Zone 3)

Dummen Orange


Perovskia Bluesette

Bluesette’s compact habit works well at the front of the garden design, in a single premium patio container, or in mixed combination with other sun-loving plants. (Zone 4)

Ball - Kieft Seed


Veronica Vespers Blue

Vespers Blue features lovely blue flowers that bloom and bloom! Combines well with the pink cultivar, Aspire. Works best as an edging plant in sun-drenched garden beds and borders. (Zone 4)

ThinkPlants | Terra Nova Nurseries


Polemonium ‘Golden Feathers’

This selection of Jacob’s ladder adds show stopping colour to shade designs with its exciting golden variegated foliage. Its bluish-purple flowers in late spring are a bonus. (Zone 5)

Ball - Darwin Perennials