November 15, 2014
Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) has announced a new national award that recognizes organizations that exceed traditional health and safety practices.

“The organizational health and safety culture award shines a light on deserving organizations across Canada that have made outstanding contributions to building health and safety cultures and inspiring transformative behaviours within their networks and areas of influence,” says Elizabeth Mills, WSPS President and CEO. “That is why we felt it was critical to acknowledge an organization with this new award. We hope it will cause a ripple effect by acknowledging that by working in tandem, all types of leaders have a cumulative and value-added impact when they stand together to form a culture of health and safety in more than just their own workplace.”

While more details on the award are expected in the new year, criteria will be centred around trust and openness within the organization among its managers and employees; commitment to engaging employees in decision-making; active involvement of upper management and boards of directors in governing organizational health; degree to which safety is promoted; evidence based decision-making using leading indicators of safety and, performance objectives tied to the health and safety of the organization.

More information on the CEO Health and Safety Leadership Network and the organizational health and safety culture award is available at, or by emailing