December 16, 2021
A new wage subsidy program has been launched with the goal of recruiting recent post-secondary school grads into agriculture. 

The Canadian Agricultural Human Resources Council (CAHRC) has partnered with the federal government’s Student Work Placement (SWP) program to create Growing Opportunities. The program will support Work Integrated Learning (WIL) opportunities in the agriculture industry for agriculture and non-agriculture students. 

“Recruiting young people into agriculture jobs is an ongoing challenge for employers across the country,” CAHRC said in a news release. “These agri-workforce gaps inevitably lead to lost sales, production delays, and stress across the entire value chain with no end in sight.” 

Through Growing Opportunities, employers in agriculture are encouraged to hire students from diverse academic backgrounds to qualify for a wage subsidy of up to $7,500 per student. 

According to the CAHRC, hiring from non-traditional agriculture fields will bring new innovation to the sector and inspire under-represented groups such as women, Indigenous people, disabled people, and newcomers to engage in the industry.  

Employment opportunities may include full- or part-time positions, as well as co-op placements, internships, field placements or applied projects to solve particular problems for employers.

For an employer to qualify, they must have the financial capacity to pay the full wage for the duration of the placement. Subsidies will be administered after receiving the final pay stub at the end of the placement. As well, employers must be a registered Canadian business, post-secondary institution or not-for-profit organizations from the agriculture industry.

To hire a student through the program, visit