October 3, 2020

New woody plants for 2021

Rhodedendron Electric Lights Red


Electric Lights Red has fiery red flowers in early spring, blooming just after the new foliage emerges. It grows in an upright mound and will tolerate full sun to part shade. The flower buds are hardy to -35 C.
Bailey Nurseries


Cornus stolonifera
Arctic Fire Yellow

Red osier dogwood

A new selection of native Cornus stolonifera that offers the hardiness and durability of the species but with vivid yellow stems. White flowers are followed by bright white berries. Grows 1.5 m tall and 1.8 m wide.
Proven Winners ColorChoice - Spring Meadow Nursery 


Physocarpus opulifolius Panther


Bloomin’ Easy introduces Panther ninebark with sleek dark foliage and stems. Reaches a mature size of 1.2-1.5 m tall and wide, making it great as a superb backdrop to brighter flowers and foliage.
Van Belle Nursery


Syringa x prestoniae Pinktini


Pinktini is an outstanding dwarf lilac cultivar resulting from a cross between Charisma and Miss Canada. Abundant bright-pink panicles on a compact bush. Non suckering. Mature height is 1.5 m and width is 1.25 m.
Jefferies Nurseries


Physocarpus opulifolius
Raspberry Lemonade


Finely-textured, golden-green foliage is followed by lovely white flower clusters. The flowers of Raspberry Lemonade give way to bright coral-red ornamental fruits that hold their colour for weeks. Grows to a height and spread of 1.25 m in full sun.
Hillen Nursery


Prunus pumila DJade Parade

Sand cherry

Jade Parade sand cherry is an ideal shrub for mass planting and groundcovers. Its glossy blueish-green leaves turn yellow, orange, and red in fall. Tiny white spring flowers are followed by black fruits in late summer. Tolerant of full sun and dry conditions.
Bailey Nurseries


Thuja occidentalis Sienna Sunset


Sienna Sunset has a compact, spherical habit with a height and spread of 40 cm. The new foliage is yellow-green in colour, turning a bronzed orange colour in late fall. Grows best in sun to part shade.
Hillen Nursery


Spiraea japonica Poprocks Petite


A beautiful new selection from Bloomin’ Easy. Poprocks Petite has a tidy, compact 60-80 cm mounded form, and candy-pink button flowers that pop against rich green foliage and cover the plant, from late spring to frost.
Van Belle Nursery


Potentilla fruticosa Bella Bianca


Bella Bianca from Bloomin’ Easy is an elegant addition to the sunny landscape. This petite new selection blooms all season with pure-white flowers that completely cover its tidy frame.
Van Belle Nursery


Ginkgo biloba Mariken

Dwarf ginkgo standard

Bluish-green foliage that emerges chartreuse in spring. The fan-shaped leaves turn an outstanding buttery yellow in the fall. Grows 1.5 m tall and 60 cm wide.
JC Bakker & Sons


Malus x adstringens Midnite Spire

Flowering crabapple

The newest cultivar in the columnar Spire crabapple series, Midnite Spire offers outstanding glossy, purple foliage all summer long. Pink spring flowers give rise to medium-sized fruit. Mature height is 6 m and width is 2 m.  
Jefferies Nurseries


Cornus kousa Scarlet Fire
Crystal Sky and Electric Purple Sky

Kousa dogwood

Deep-pink to fuchsia blooms appear in late May to early June. The blooms of Scarlet Fire dogwood are pointed and do not overlap, creating an attractive starry shape lasting up to eight weeks. Grows 8 m tall with a spread of 5 m Full sun.  
Hillen Nursery


Hydrangea serrata
Let’s Dance Can Do!


A huge leap in achieving success with hydrangeas. Let’s Dance Can Do! is an excellent rebloomer, requiring only a short period of vegetative growth to create new-wood blooms. It also sets flower buds along the entire length of the stem, not merely at the tips. Grows 1-1.3 m tall and wide.
Proven Winners ColorChoice - Spring Meadow Nursery 


Syringa x hyacinthiflora
Scentara Double Blue


The cool purple blooms take on a blue tone in the spring sunshine, each one full of petals for a delicate seashell-like effect. Heavy bloomer and very fragrant. Grows 2.4 m tall and wide.
Proven Winners ColorChoice - Spring Meadow Nursery; JC Bakker & Sons


white flower cluster

Spiraea x fritschiana Spot On


Blazing shades of red, orange and yellow make this an outstanding fall-colour spirea. Dark pink flowers appear in early June with sporadic summer rebloom. Spot On spirea has a mounded habit that needs little pruning.
Bailey Nurseries


Clematis Juliane


White flowers with pink-tipped anthers bloom from early summer to late fall. Juliane is a diminutive vine ideal for the garden or containers. It grows to a height of 150 cm in full sun to part shade.
Hillen Nursery


Malus X Jefwall Green Wall

Flowering crabapple

Green Wall columnar crabapple offers outstanding glossy, green foliage and abundant white spring flowers. Tiny red fruit attracts birds and provides winter landscape value. Grows 6 m tall and 2 m wide.
Jefferies Nurseries


Hydrangea paniculata Candelabra

Panicle hydrangea

A lovely upright form selected by Bloomin’ Easy. Candelabra has incredibly uniform, sturdy stems supporting large cream flowers that turn deep pink, then red as summer fades to fall. Reaches a mature size of 1.8 m tall and wide.
Van Belle Nursery


Syringa x Jeflady Little Lady


Little Lady lilac’s dark pink buds open to classic lilac pink with a heavy fragrance. Half the size of Miss Kim, this lilac is perfect for foundation plantings, hedges, and mass plantings. The fresh green leaves cup upwards.
Bailey Nurseries


pink flower

Hydrangea arborescens Invincibelle Garnetta

Smooth hydrangea

Invincibelle Garnetta has deep garnet-hued buds that open into lush pink blooms. It flowers a bit later than others in the series, which makes it an ideal season-extender and companion to the other varieties in the series. Hardiness Zones 3 - 8.
Proven Winners ColorChoice - Spring Meadow Nursery 


purple flower

Hydrangea macrophylla Let's Dance Big Band

Mophead hydrangea

Extra-large inflorescences that give Let's Dance Big Band hydrangea its name, but it’s also an excellent rebloomer, with the ability to create new wood flower buds more rapidly than other macs, Proven Winners says. Flowers may be bright pink or deep purple, depending on soil chemistry. Hardiness Zones 5 - 9. 
Proven Winners ColorChoice - Spring Meadow Nursery 


white flowers

Philadelphus coronarius Illuminati Arch


Illuminati Arch has thick, handsome, rugged foliage that keeps its deep green color all season long, Proven Winners says. Early summer brings cascades of white flowers with a sweet, old-fashioned mock orange. Hardiness Zones 4 - 7.
Proven Winners ColorChoice - Spring Meadow Nursery