April 15, 2009
The 2009 Niagara Pack Trial and Marketing Innovation Symposium has been canceled. The announcement was made by the Canadian Ornamental Plant Foundation (COPF) and Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, citing the current difficult economic climate.

The pack trial and symposium was held last June through the efforts of both Vineland Research and Innovation Centres and the COPF.

 “With the majority of companies in the industry looking to cut costs, we felt this wasn’t the right time to ask exhibitors or attendees to take part in a new event,” says Darlene Brown, director of public relations and communications, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. “This is the time to support the industry by offering new marketing ideas, however, it was felt there may be better means to accomplish this and we along with COPF, will be looking for new and creative ways with which to do so.”

 “We aimed the Niagara Pack Trials towards attracting U.S. greenhouse industry participants from N.Y., Ohio, Penn., Mich., in addition to Canadian growers and buyers.  We intended to make it easy for U.S. participants by locating it not far from Niagara Falls,” said Peggy Walsh Craig, COPF managing director.