December 15, 2008
Landscape Ontario and CNLA continue to investigate opportunities to help members recycle their used horticultural plastic. In a meeting on November 12, Ivan Vander Deen of Myers Industries presented an alternative through Dekka Resins, Myers recycling arm. As manufacturers of plastic pots, Myers aims to be the first group of companies to conduct full post-consumer recycling.

Challenges for the horticulture industry include sorting — history has shown homeowners will bring all kinds of garbage from their garage to pot recycling depots, for transportation to the recycling facility.

Myers currently has two recycling facilities in Ontario, one in Windsor and one in Brantford. Vander Deen is working with industry members to create smaller recycling centres across the province to make it more efficient for members to drop off their collected plastic.

Only pots with the recycling numbers 2, 5 and 6 are accepted for recycling, so retailers should make sure the product they buy is received in pots and trays labeled accordingly.

 This winter LO and CNLA staff are working on a list of companies who offer recycling options to members, with the idea that members can choose the most logical and convenient option for their location and size of business.
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Caption: LO and CNLA members are looking to recycle used horticultural plastic.