March 15, 2009
The Ontario Parks Association (OPA) celebrated its 53rd annual Explorations trade show and conference on Feb. 4, at the Hamilton Convention Centre.

Bill Slute, OPA president, and Fred Eisenberger, the mayor of Hamilton, welcomed attendees to the show. Both men were pleased to note that over 31 municipalities had sent staff to the show.

Slute explained that show organizers tried a new one-day format this year, explaining that due to municipal cutbacks, many organizations couldn’t afford to send staff to a show for two days.

 The seminars were well received by all attendees anxious to gather information and share knowledge about operating public spaces with the realities of a new economy and lack of pest control products. The most popular seminar was the session on Bill 64, the Cosmetic Pesticides Ban Act 2008, although there were more questions raised than answers provided.