August 15, 2008
A new online service called BizPaL simplifies the business permit, licence and other compliance regulation process for entrepreneurs.

BizPaL is currently being run by Industry Canada in partnership with several provincial and local governments. BizPaL provides Canadian businesses with one-stop access to permit and licence information for all levels of government.

BizPaL is a web-based service that allows business clients to easily generate a customized list of the permits and licences they require from all levels of government, by answering some simple, generic questions about their business.

Traditionally, entrepreneurs had to query many different departments within multiple levels of government to find out what permits and licences they required for their business.

BizPaL provides businesses a way to identify their complete permit and licence requirements from every level and department of government at one time. BizPal is available through the website of any partner, saving time and money. The collaboration within and between the various government agencies should lead to more streamlined and efficient services.

LO’s Sally Harvey says, “We have used this service before. It is legitimate and useful.”

The website address for the service is