June 12, 2019

It's here!

Landscape Ontario and Vineland Research and Innovation Centre are proud to announce the release of the Ontario Landscape Tree Planting Guide

The Guide is intended for landscape architects, landscape designers, landscape contractors, urban forest managers, horticulturists, and other professionals who understand tree attributes and tree requirements, and who have a working knowledge of terms commonly used in the horticultural trades. The recommendations in this guide are intended to be specific to Ontario and are consistent with the Canadian Landscape Standard. All landscape trees should be nursery-grown and in compliance with the current edition of the Canadian Nursery Stock Standard.

The guide was reviewed by a committee established through Landscape Ontario. Prior to publication, it was submitted to horticulture professionals in Ontario for review and endorsement in order to develop industry consensus. The information contained in this Guide reflects best practices of the landscape horticulture industry. The Guide is subject to periodic review and may be updated at any time.

Comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome. All recommendations should be sent to Landscape Ontario.

Ontario Landscape Tree Planting Guide cover