September 15, 2008
Those in the landscape industry know first-hand that the summer of 2008 is the wettest on record in Ontario.

Both June and July were the soggiest ever, and it appears this August could also attain first place status. In Toronto, June and July rainfall totals amounted to 272.8 millimetres, or 10.7 inches of rain. In July only, the total rainfall was 193 mm. The previous record was 182.3 mm.  This contrast is even more severe when comparing with Toronto’s average July rainfall, 67.5. That’s three times more rain than normal during the month. Although Toronto received the most rainfall, other areas across Ontario also experienced huge increases over average rainfall numbers.

The rainy summer has hit all sectors of the landscaping industry, from lawn care to irrigation to contractors. Soggy outdoor working conditions are the most obvious, but wet weather has also affected marketing programs and plant health.

The bad news is that forecasters are calling for a continued wet pattern this fall in Ontario. But then last spring, Environment Canada predicted this summer would be one of the hottest and driest in a series of long, hot Ontario summers.