October 15, 2009
Sobkowich Greenhouses in Grimsby opened its outdoor trial area and gardens for industry viewing and evaluations at the end of July. Over 300 individual Proven Winners’ plants and combinations were on display, including all the new plant introductions for the 2010 season. Growers and retailers were invited to see how the plants perform in a typical southern Ontario climate. Staff from Sobkowich Greenhouses and John Gaydos from Proven Winners were on hand to answer technical questions from the growers.

Several new releases stood out, including ‘Snow Princess’, a sterile, ever-blooming alyssum;  ‘Pretty Much Picasso’ petunia, with magenta blooms edged with lime green,  and ‘King Tut’ papyrus, that can grow four to  six feet tall with large flower heads like exploding fireworks.