March 15, 2015
Landscape Ontario, led by Ottawa Chapter members, will create the Dream Garden at the 2015 Ottawa Home and Garden show, taking place at the EY Centre in Ottawa from Mar. 26 to 29.

The garden, which measures 2,800 sq. ft., will be a celebration of the Canadian landscape and the rich history of horticulture in our nation’s Capital.

A walk through the Canadian Dream Garden will take visitors on a journey through a showcase of quintessentially Canadian landscapes, including wetlands, the far north, forests, mountains and an urban garden. Tulips will also be featured in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Gift of the Tulip from Holland to Canada, the gift that led to the creation of the world-renown Ottawa Tulip Festival.

The designers working on the project include Ashley Cochrane for the wetland and forest, Karla Narraway for the north and Welwyn Wong for the mountains with Sundaura Alford CLD managing the overall coordination of the planning phase and the design of the urban garden.

Several Landscape Ontario members are teaming up for the construction including Les entreprises Maréchal, an established company from Gatineau, Que., and a new member of Landscape Ontario, which has stepped in to the lead role for the implementation.

Joining them, at the time of writing, are Nature’s Way Landscaping from the Upper Canada Chapter, Natural Impressions Landscaping, Hansen Lawn and Gardens, Clintar Landscape Management, Cityscape Group of Companies and Lanark Cedar. The horticultural students from Algonquin College, led by Steve Neumann, will provide additional assistance with the construction and the planting.

Suppliers already on board with loans and donations of materials include Permacon, Cohen and Cohen Natural Stone, Aquascape, Greeley Sand and Gravel and several growers who have kindly agreed to force plant material for the garden to give everyone a sneak peek of spring. A complete list of the volunteer team and everyone who has generously donated to this project will be displayed at the garden and the Landscape Ontario booth at the Home Show.

Landscape Ontario members are invited to a tour of the garden on Mar. 27 at 11 a.m., before the show opens for the day. Tickets to the show will be provided to those who preregister. The tour will include an update on the plans for the 2016 garden show, which is intended to mimic the Canada Blooms format with a series of gardens constructed by Landscape Ontario member companies.

Anyone interested in helping out with the garden build, which runs from Mar. 23 - 25, or volunteering at the Landscape Ontario booth during the show is encouraged to contact Martha Walsh at