December 15, 2009
By Lynn Lane

Ottawa volunteers Patricia Stanish, Darrell Kekanovich and Welwyn Wong recently spoke to local students about careers in horticulture. They staffed a booth at the two-day WRK 4U2 career fair, where over 8,000 students, within the jurisdiction of the two Ottawa School boards, attended the event.

LO Ottawa board member Welwyn Wong, has written the following review of the day.

“It was a pleasure speaking with all of the wide-eyed and young faces of the next generation. There was an excellent turnout of schools. Some students were very interested in what a landscape career entails and the broad range of education our sector supports, as well as LO’s role in continued education for all our members.

“In speaking with one organizer, the purpose of this fair was to get the grade eight students to start thinking about what sector they would like to work in. Once they make that decision, they can focus on courses and/or high schools they should attend that would streamline them into their area of interest. We agreed this may be a very lofty goal. However, at the very least this fair should get them thinking about the area or areas of interest they may have and would like to pursue in-depth.

“We were there to answer many questions and open the eyes of our future generation to a career in landscaping. Patricia Stanish added that events such as this one allow us to illustrate to kids early on that horticulture is a viable option in so many different ways.

“Many thanks go out to all who take the time and effort to cultivate future industry leaders, and to help them see the value and reward to a career in horticulture.”