April 15, 2008
For more years than most of us can count, Sheila James of the Farm Safety Association has been standing behind our eastern Ontario Landscape Ontario members to help them run safe and profitable businesses. On Tues., Jan. 15th, the Ottawa chapter stood behind Sheila in a tribute of thanks.

On behalf of all members, Sheila was presented a token of appreciation for her many years of work and dedication. Sheila has been just a phone call away for any company needing help, be it requests for safety training or to help with a WSIB audit and everything between. Sheila is a staunch supporter of our chapter events, and is always willing to give safety tips at every meeting. A frequent contributor to our chapter newsletter, her advice has become invaluable.

Sheila, we thank you.

Caption: Shelia James, centre, is surrounded by appreciative members of LO’s Ottawa Chapter.