September 15, 2008
In July, 32 candidates started the journey towards CHT certification when they took part in an evaluation day at LO’s Milton office.

Perfect weather greeted the participants. Four modules were offered: turf maintenance, ornamental maintenance, hardscape installation and softscape installation, in both classroom and practical settings. The modules replaced a prior test comprised of installation and maintenance modules. “The new test is more relevant to the day-to-day tasks that a CHT certificate holder will perform on the job. As well, specialization is made possible by the new test,” said Sally Harvey of LO. Harvey’s professional workforce team, along with the LO CHT committee, coordinated the evaluations. This was the first time the new CHT formula had been operated through LO. “The day went well, considering the revision of the tests that took effect June 1st of this year,” said Harvey.

With the new test, candidates may climb the ladder towards CHT by taking one test at a time.

Harvey noted that, “We were challenged with constant revisions arriving right up to the day of the tests.” She explained that judges took time to come in a day early for training and to assist with set-up.

“The committee and volunteers did a fantastic job to make sure the tests were relevant and integrity was maintained,” said Harvey.  Committee members include Joel Beatson, CNLA; Brian and  Michelle Cocks, both of  Brian Cocks Nursery and Landscaping; Carl DeBoer, Whispering Pines Nursery; Frank Deenen, Hank Deenen Landscaping; Luca Farneti, Terry Nicholson, John O’Leary and Jeff Gilberds, all of Clintar Groundskeeping Services; Sally Harvey; Liz Klose, CNLA; Lynn Lane, LO; Jeff Lowartz, Heritage Green Landscape Contractors; Erica Lowartz-Cozzarin, Sheridan Nurseries; Bob McCannell, McCannell Consulting; Joe Pfeifer, Landmark Landscape Contractors; Richard Rogers, R.J. Rogers Landscaping; Johannes and Robyn Runhart, both of Runhart’s, and Karen Weyermann, Karen Weyermann Landscape Design and Development. Harvey notes that new members are always welcome to join the committee to ensure that CHT continues to be a success.

Clintar provided the lunch for all those taking part in the CHT testing. “Many thanks to the many sponsors, whose help allows us to provide the testing days,” said Harvey.

Those with stations still outstanding may take retests in Niagara on September 25 and 26, or at LO’s home office in Milton on October 9.

The committee wants to clarify the status of CHTs in progress, as there seems to be confusion. “All CHTs in progress are entitled to return to complete their CHT any time. Some under the old test format may think they have many stations remaining to attain their designation. However, many may have just a few stations to complete to successfully achieve their CHT,” says Harvey. All CHTs in progress may obtain the application form for re-test day at

First Certified Snow Professional

Congrats to Paul Taylor of Clintar Groundskeeping in St. Catharines, who recently became a Certified Snow Professional. The new Canadian version of the CSP exam will be offered in Milton on September 17.

Caption: The test in July was the first time the four modules were offered to candidates at the Milton site.