August 15, 2009
July 16 and 17 were busy days at LO’s home office in Milton, when 54 candidates took part in CHT certification testing at several stations. Of that number, 33 were new candidates, 15 were re-testing and six SHSM students.

Organizers were busy preparing for the many testing stations, while at the same time watching the sky for approaching storms. Despite heavy rains all around the test site, the rain held off.

Those receiving their CHT certificates on July 17th are: Ornamental Maintenance - Adam Bonin and Bonnie Rook, Ornamental Maintenance and Softscape Installation - Lesley Misner, Turf and Ornamental Maintenance - Robert McLelland, Turf Maintenance - Ruben Gomez, Todd Gowan, Jared Hassen, Chris Pearson, Donald Tellier, Softscape Installation - Kevin Marshall, Hardscape Installation - Shawn Ihamaki and Steve Pudlo, Retail - Spencer Hauck.


Clintar – Lunch, Unilock – a.m. break and station, Beaver Valley Stone – p.m. break and station,  stations - Permacon, Green Design, Heritage Green, Battlefield, Halton Turf and Tractor, G.C. Duke, Echo, Stihl, DH Water Management, Hamilton Sod, Kooy Brothers, M. Putzer Nursery and CNLA.


Volunteers helping at the certification were: Stephen Anderson, Joel Beatson CLP, John Bos CHT, Stuart Cameron CHT, Brian Cocks CHT, Paul Day, Carl DeBoer CHT, Andrew Desjardins CHT, Robert Ellidge, Jeff Eidsness CHT, Denis Flanagan CLD, Jeff Gilberds CHT, CLP, Margaret Haefele CLD, Philip Haid CHT, CIT, Wasif Haris CHT, Matt Hart CHT, CLP, Lorne Haveruk CIT, CWCM- LCID, CIC, EGIA, CLIA, WCP, Nathan Helder, Pat Hester CHT, Chris Heubert CHT, Jim Higginbotham CLT, John Hutten CHT, CIT, Mogens Jensen, Jonathan Jargelo, Andrew Kousik CHT, Jane Leworthy, Jeff Lowartz CHT, Michelle Lynn CHT, Jim Maloney CHT, Mike McGrath CHT, Kathy McLean, John O’Leary CHT, Anais O’Neil Bidaud, Vic Palmer CLP, Michael Pascoe CHT, Joe Pfeifer CHT, Jason Pond, Kathleen Pugliese, Gary Ross CLD, Liam Ross CHT, Tom Seymour, Paul Schnarr CIT, Frank Selles CHT, Jason Wilton CHT and Todd Wilton CHT.