October 24, 2018
Participate in the 2018-19 wage survey
CNLA is conducting a wage survey starting in the fall to update statistics for our members. The last survey was conducted in 2014-15. Wage information provides a valuable picture of the industry for member companies and can be used to attract labour.

CNLA encourages members to gather information prior to completing the survey. Information required includes:

Average base hourly wage
Total the number of employees working within a specific job description and divide that total by the average base hourly wage of those employees. Base hourly wage is the straight time pay not including overtime, shift premium, bonuses, benefits, profit sharing, payroll deductions, etc.

Converting salary into base hourly wage
Divide the total gross salary/week by 40 hours.

Average number of hours worked annually
Total the number of hours for all employees that do the job presently and divide by number of employees.

Average years of employment within business
Total the number of years of employment of all the present employees that do the job and divide by the number of employees.

Total number of employees
Total number of employees for that specific job.

The survey will be open until the end of February 2019.