December 15, 2009
Here is my take on the pesticide issue as expressed in the October issue of Horticulture Review.

I also like to tend my garden. I also grow vegetables and have one apple tree (Northern Spy). We had a bumper crop of apples this year, with no spraying. So it can be done, we just have to create the right conditions and approach nature in a different way.

Do we need chemicals to create bumper crops? I doubt it very much.

Will every year be as good as the next? Unlikely. Accepting this and making changes for the better is the goal.

So I am one of those who are in favour of a lot less chemicals in our food and in lawn care. When my children were small and my neighbour needed the perfect lawn, I was unhappy when spraying went on with who knows-what. My kids were small and susceptible to chemicals. All the years of spraying at my neighbour’s have had its impact on my property, and therefore on my children. I do not begrudge my neighbour, as this was the accepted norm. When I read about money raised for cancer cures, I wonder why not spend more effort on cancer prevention?

I am all for a ban on chemicals in certain situations. I prefer unsprayed fruit and vegetables and I have a right to request this from my elected government.

Yes, I work in the landscape construction field as well. There are many young people entering this field who share my feelings. I went into this field because I appreciate nature and like to pass this on to my kids. A lot of damage has been done.  We can change things for the better. Green for Life should be more than a marketing tool,

Dolf Jansen
Temagami Landscape Design and Build, The Blue Mountains