May 14, 2012
Plant Care and Health — Questions and Answers

How do I burlap my Japanese Maple?    Answer

The large birch tree in our front yard has what appears to be a large wound on its main trunk that looks like a long scar.    Answer

Should I wrap my Japanese Maple in burlap for the winter?    Answer

How and when do I prune a pine to keep it from getting any larger?    Answer

I think my Japanese Maple is dying.    Answer

When is the best time to prune Weeping Higan Cherry?    Answer

I have a star magnolia that has white and black scabs on it. It was treated last year, but has returned on mass and it is infested with yellow jacket wasps. What do I do?    Answer

How deep must a hardy water lily be planted in a pond in order to be protected from freezing?    Answer

Help! I misread the instructions and fertilized my new hanging baskets with TRIPLE the amount required for about two weeks. What do I do now?    Answer

I am not sure if my silver lace vine growing on an arbor at the front of my house is dying or not.    Answer

My very mature cedar hedge is developing huge brown spots, both on the sides and on top.    Answer

My weeping Nootka false cypress was planted 18 months ago and has needles turning brown that have started to drop.    Answer

My two-year old lilac did not bloom this year or last year. Any ideas why?    Answer

I have a butterfly bush in my garden, but need to replace it every two years. What is the proper care for a butterfly bush? Are they only supposed to last 2 years? (Zone 6a, Kingston, Ontario)    Answer

How do you care for Phlox before mixing in fresh floral arrangement?    Answer