May 14, 2012
Plant Selection - Questions and Answers

I'm looking for suggestions for deciduous, flowering, fragrant shrubs for a shaded and moist area, in zone 5.    Answer

Can you suggest a shrub to put alongside a Diablo Ninebark?    Answer

Can you recommend a small tree (max. 10 feet), east facing, that can withstand wind?    Answer

How far north in Ontario can a golden spirit smokebush survive and thrive?    Answer

How far from the house should I plant and Emperor 1 Japanese Maple so that I do not have to worry about the roots causing a problem with the house foundation?    Answer

Can you suggest a vine to plant that will grow on our pergola that will not attract bees?    Answer

Can you please tell me if most vines hold their leaves all winter? We have a trellis between us and our neighbour and would like some privacy year round. Any suggestions for a nice flowering vine that keeps it leaves all year?    Answer

Could you please recommend some native flowering plants that will climb a wire grid on a west-facing, 6th floor balcony wall.    Answer

Where can I find some of the new plants this year? I am especially interested in the coneflowers like Green Envy, Mac & Cheese and Tomato soup.    Answer

Can you give me a list of roses that are black walnut tolerant?    Answer

What kind of ground covers or plants could we put around the base of the tree?    Answer