June 15, 2008
Landscape Ontario will host a pilot project to kick off an exciting recycling project to divert thousands of pounds of plastic pots, trays, tags and film from the landfills toward new products.

LO’s Garden Centre Commodity Group is proud to announce that a partner has been found to pick up and recycle plastic materials. The company is Re-Source Ontario of Toronto.

During the week of June 16 to June 20, a demonstration of the system will coincide with the monthly board of directors meeting, as well as the Congress committee and finance committee meetings.

Four gaylords (heavy-duty cardboard boxes) will be dropped off at the Milton office of LO.

An invitation will go out to all members who might want to participate in the project and to drop-off their recyclable plastic at LO’s Milton offices. Participants are asked to keep the items as separate as possible: ALL pots and trays in one container, all tags in another, and the shrink wrap and plastic covers in another. This demonstration will be used to evaluate the feasibility of the project and spread the word to LO members and non-members alike.