February 15, 2009
By Stephanie Smith
Membership and chapters coordinator

Canada Blooms is offering an exceptional opportunity for LO members to promote your business. It is well-known that the show is a premier consumer horticultural festival that has benefited the bottom lines of many in our industry. These include award-winning companies like Oriole Landscaping, Environmental Design and Earth, to name a few.

This year the show is offering exciting opportunities for Landscape Ontario members to “Bloom” their business, without having to build a feature garden. Professionals’ Walk is an entire area dedicated to promoting your services to the consumer. Demographic studies show that consumers who spend time and effort on their properties, also attend Canada Blooms. This does not just pertain to GTA companies. Statistics also show that consumers are coming in from all across the province.

With the present economy, the Professionals’ Walk is a great opportunity to get creative. Canada Blooms offers a priceless chance to meet and promote your services to homeowners face-to-face, without breaking the bank. Be a part of the new direction for Canada Blooms, while finding new customers for the coming season.

Blooms is offering exhibit spaces, starting with a five by 10-foot booth for an exciting low price. It is an exceptional marketing opportunity.

I would be pleased to speak with you regarding Canada Blooms, so drop me a line via e-mail ssmith@landscapeontario.com, or call me at 1-800-265-5656, ext. 354, and we’ll get you the best bang for your buck!